Welcoming a new puppy in to your home is something very exciting with the happy moments filled with laughter. But it might become stressful if you haven’t done any preparations to welcome the new member. So it is very important to prepare your home and the family for the arrival of the puppy. Fortunately, you can gather everything basically needed for a puppy to make the event an exciting one. Let’s list down the basic shopping list which you must shop for your puppy.


Shopping checklist


If you are in an idea of bringing a new puppy home, and moreover if it is your first puppy, you must have not done shopping before for a one, this will be so much important for you trying to gain a first parenting experience. So before the arrival of the new puppy, you must make sure that you know everything needed by a puppy and you have collected them all. So lets discuss on the shopping list of your new puppy.

  • Puppy food

Puppy food is a primary thing that you need to buy before taking your new puppy home. Puppies need better nutrition for their growth and to maintain proper health condition. In order to avoid hungry and upset tummies, you must be always prepared with the food he needed. You must be careful in selecting puppy food whether the ingredients matches your puppy’s health and age. So it is better to have advises from a specialist, so truly from your veterinarian about the best food options.

  • Puppy Treats

Puppy treats are a very important addition in your shopping list which are very essential in training your puppy. It is very much essential to select soft and chewable ones with less calories.

  • Puppy Vitamins and Supplements

Something very important to add to the puppy shopping list. Supplements are helping to reduce stress, promote healing and provide many other similar benefits for your puppy. Vitamins do act a very special role in puppy’s health and well-being.  Other than the vitamins available in the supplied meals, it is an essential need to provide them with vitamins and supplements. Before having them, you must first discuss and get to know about them from your veterinarian as it has a higher impact on your pet.

  • Water and food bowls

As you have a separate plate and a mug to have food and drink water, your puppy too must have to have a separate food bowl and a water bowl.  As you provide your puppy meals several times a day, he also must have fresh water to drink when needed.  There are some specially designed food bowls for puppies some of which can control the eating speed of the puppy even. So select nice bowls depending on the size of your puppy and the amount they eat.

  • Puppy collar, Harness and Leashes

Walking your puppy is more important for their health. As puppies are so playful they mat try to run here and there while walking. So these may be very much important to  socialize your puppy and keep him under control for his own protection. Also you can add an identification tag in your puppy’s collar containing all, puppy’s name and your contact information etc. So it will be important in case of you losing your puppy in walks.

  • Crate for puppy

When the puppy is in, he must have a his own home to live. So it is important to provide him with a crate to do house training. This will provide the puppy a safe feeling and it will help to minimize accidents too. As we all know puppies like very much to chew anything they find on the floor. So crate training will be a good solution whenever you cannot be keen on him. Purchase a crate suitable to his body size and provide him with the facilities he require.

  • Dog Bed

Although you arrange a crate for your puppy, you also must have bought a dog bed for him. As the puppy will probably sleep in the crate at nights, he also requires  a bed to rest during the day. You can find some specialized beds for puppies including pee pads  and pad trays too. When buying a bed, You must look for the right dog bed being sure that you accommodate puppy’s breed and size.

  • Puppy Chews Toys

Puppies like toys very much. Unless puppies, almost every dog requires mental stimulation  and toys play a major role in proving it. There are specialized toys for puppies for using just only for pleasure and some for the betterment of their teeth. It is a very creative method to make your puppy busy for a certain period of time.

  • Shampoo and grooming tools

It is not necessary to have almost every grooming tool at your hand. But it is very much essential to have the primary grooming tools with you to maintain your puppy.  This includes shampoo or soap specially designed for dogs (Don’t use a shampoo made for humans), a comb, a brush, nail clipper and a towel. Make sure to get all the grooming tools appropriate to your dog’s coat.

  • Cleaning Products

As your puppy is getting adopted to a new environment, he might not feel the place so comfortable at once. So he may sometimes poo and pee inside your house. So you must have some special cleaners to deal with your pet’s routine until he gets adjusted. Also, another problem that arises is shedding pet hair. So you must be prepared with a vacuum to clean up your house premises.

Well, there you have it all, a small listing mixed with a bunch of advice to help you and your new buddy to feel comfy throughout the adjustment period. Make the provided checklist helpful and begin the funny exciting journey with your new family member. Have fun!


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