How to clean a cat’s ears? Cats are not needed to be cleaned regularly as they are born self cleaners. They clean each of their body parts themselves with the help of their tongues. But the ear is one place where they cannot self groom to maintain cleanliness. So here you must provide them with a helping hand to clean their ears. Cleaning a cat’s ears can be a great opportunity for you to identify any health issues that are existing with your cat.


Cleaning your cat’s ears help them to stay clean and tidy. It will mainly protect their hygiene. This will also reduce the risk of causing inflammations too.

In the cleaning process, you will have a careful look around the ears and so you will be able to identify any ticks or mites present that are causing harm to your pet.


Cat ear wipes

Before starting the cleaning process, you must gather all the required items nearby as it will be easy for you that you never want to run here and there for them while you have begun to clean. This will be more comfortable for your cat too.

  • Cotton pads
  • Specialized fluid available for cleaning cats ears
  • Clean towel


STEP 01 :

First of all, you must make sure that your cat is calm and in a peaceful condition. If so and your cat loves cuddles, you can gently hold him in your lap. If he is a little aggressive and does not like to be cuddled much, then wrap him with a clean towel and place him on your lap and let him stay some time to be calm.

Cover the cat with a towel

STEP 02 :

Before cleaning up directly, you must first check-up his ears carefully. Sometimes you may be able to find out debris, mites, wax-like substances, certain discharges, inflammations, or wounds. Sometimes you may be able to identify some kind of infections too. So if you find any such thing, it is not good to clean his ears by yourself. The first thing that you must do is to take him to your vet for advice and treatment.



  • swelling
  • ear discharge
  • availability of masses
  • unusual odor
  • redness
  • ear pain
  • excessive scratching or ear rubbing

STEP 03 :

If you don’t identify any of the signs of infection in your cat’s ears, then you can begin the cleaning process. Start to clean the cat’s ear by adding a few drops of the ear cleaner liquid into the cotton pads. You can smoothly pull his pinna back and smoothly rub out the dirt. Make sure that you only add ear cleaner into the pads and not directly in the ears of your cat.

You can make the cleaning process a nice experience for your cat by providing gentle massages to his ears while cleaning. Also, make sure to clean them only with the cotton pads and not to put your fingers in as it may sometimes cause internal injuries.

After cleaning one of his ears, then let him relax for some time if you think that he is tired. After a few minutes, start cleaning the other ear too by applying the same procedure.

After cleaning both of his ears, offer him a treat for being a good boy throughout the procedure.

Give treats


Make it a habit to check your cat’s ears once a week. So you will be able to identify anything unusual very quickly. Although it is better to check out his ears weekly, it is not necessary to clean them very often. For many ordinary cats, cleaning ears once in a few months is fine.

If you find out anything that is giving you the signs of infections, immediately call your vet for treatments.


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