Purring is a sound which every cat makes in common. Although cats purr, we know very little about the reasons behind their purring.

It is said to be that cats purr when they are connected. You can touch him when they do so. Then you may feel the waves of calm sent by him in return. But it is not a good idea to assume that your cat is in a good mood always whenever he purrs. While you never knows exactly what your cat is trying to tell you with a purr. You will be able to guess it by considering the situation.

In most cases, you will experience your cat purring when you hold him up. This may be most of the time because he likes it. But did you ever think that he purrs because he is nervous? Yes, you may not and it can be. Although you never know what his purrs exactly says, you will be able to understand him more accurately with the situation and the informed guesses.

So let’s discuss five main reasons which make your cat purr.


He’s Feeling happy

When you hold up your cat or when you sits closer by, your cat will start to purr. In this instant , your cat is relaxed and he’ll be eyes half closed with still tail. A t the moment you cat is feeling so much love and he’s happy because of it. He likes to be around you and also likes to be called lovingly.  When he feels that everything is nice and fits with him, he begins to assume that he is in her happy place and starts to purr.

He is happy

He’s hungry or needs something from you

Some cats purr when it arrives their usual meal times. Some experts say that the purr sound made by cats in hunger and other times differ from each other. As the purr doesn’t sound the same when he’s hungry and if you are always being with them, you’ll be able to  easily get to know the hungry purr.

When they are hungry they combine their normal purr with a crying like voice which some people will find so unpleasant to hear. This is a purr which anybody will be able to understand very easily and even a one who doesn’t deal much with cats will be easy to get that the cat is hungry.

As a Mode of Communication

Have you noticed that the very small kittens purr when they see their mother? They make purrs as a mode of communication to tell their mummy that they are feeling well. The purrs in between kittens and mother  helps to build a strong bond between them. Mother cat also make purrs for their babies as a lullaby to make them feel well.

Feeling Relief and Healing

Although cats require much energy in purring, the also manage to purr while they get hurt or are in pain too. It might be something he does to sooth himself when he’s feeling pain. Experts say that purring helps cats to recover faster as the low frequency purrs causes a rhythmic series of vibrations which are capable of  healing wounds and bones, Build muscles, ease breathing and lessen swelling and paining.

To Express Love

Your cat will always make use to purr when you’re with him showing lots of love and care. When you’re rubbing his belly, head or else you touch him gently, he will make purrs to show his love and affection on you.

Whatever the reason for your meow meow’s purr it will sound a lullaby that soothes a cat lover’s soul.

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